Hi welcome to my blog!
And Thanks for stopping by!

If it isn’t already obvious ,this is my first post.
I’ve been wanting to do this for a very long time,  because I’ve always really enjoyed writing and making up small stories.
And after the amount of dairies and notebooks I contain on my shelf. I decided it was time to do something useful with the thoughts I had in them .  (to be honest it still amazes me how 40 notebooks of all different shapes and sizes can fit on one tiny shelf!)
And the reason I have so many notebooks filled with pages and pages of scribbles Is because I’ve always liked the idea that writing can reflect how I’m feeling at a specific time. And by writing about what I think, makes me remember how I felt  when I was younger. which is always something really interesting to look back on.
When I write in these notebooks I tend to just go where my mind takes me. But honestly , I’m getting tired of that. I’m bored of being  scared of what other people think about what I write and how I present how I feel.
So this is kind of a bold step.
I’ve named my blog falling into the future because I never really seem to plan what’s going to happen later down the line.  Just like how I never seem to plan what I’m writing. And as writing reflects me as a person, I thought it was an easy way to say who I am and what this blog will be about.
And If that explanation wasn’t really as clear as I thought it was . (First of all sorry) and second of all , this blog will contain thoughts and ideas I have about my life and other reflections about different topics  I have floating around in my mind which I want desperately out, with the occasional short story.  Which hopefully someone out there can relate to, understand or may even just entertain you for a little bit.
I would also like to say before I start writting posts . Please bare with me if  my grammar isn’t at its finest because normally I’m not really one for planning before I write, therefore I scribble down what I want to write before I forget what I want to say. Which creates endless amounts of typos and errors.
And finally  in case your wondering who I am , for now I’d like to leave my real name out of things ( well that’s even if you care about my real name anyway! Haha!) This is only because making my witting public may take a bit of getting used to even if not many people read it.
Anyway , thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read and hopefully you’ll stick around for the many things to come!
From some random 16 year old girl


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