Sometimes I just think about the fact , we’re all going to be someone someday. and how amazing that is. Wether that’s a mum or a super model or the local tramp.My 16 year old self is not a finalised and complete version of myself.  Who we are now is never going to be clear representation of who were going to end up to be. But despite the daunting reality that is to come , in all of us there will always be that 16 year old or 18 year old or even 6 year old self that is pushing us, urging us to do something. Unless we die we are constantly evolving and changing and something iv’e learnt is people will disappoint you , people will let you down and some amazing things will happen too.  But just remember, that even through it all, and even if it’s never shown there is a tiny human living inside our minds. The voice that never truly goes and in some of us is shouting out like there’s no tomorrow. (that would be me) in some they are kind of scared to let it out. Almost like you can just see the tiny child dying to creep out unto the surface to see the light . And some switch off this voice completely. And if it wasn’t obvious enough the people that are truly and deeply content with life are the ones that listen to that naive 6 year old telling them to go and be an astronaut or a princess.And the people that seem happy on the outside but probably on the inside  are more miserable than well the characters in Les Miserable…… I think you know where I’m going with this!

Nonetheless, It’s exciting to see what will happen .It really is.
What are you going to do? What am I going to do? What are we going to achieve?
Who knows?
But I do know one thing even if we don’t choose it , that voice is going to stay with us forever.
And weather we choose to listen to it or not…
Well that’s another story. 
But what my advice would be to do so ,because I know for sure that person is the voice that motivates me , picks me up when I’m down and gives me hope again when I get doubtful about the world.
out of the blue and kind of helpful advice,
From some random 16 year old girl.


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