where I am today

A new chapter is about to begin for me , weather it’s good or bad it’s a chapter. (And I can’t back out now weather I like it or not) and I’m happy to be apart of it and keep on moving forward with my life .
As many others do including myself, I really think that moving on and stepping out of your comfort zone is the only way you can truly evolve as a person.
And When I was looking through my Instagram a few days ago I realised that , Instagram kind of in a way told a story of my last few years of having my account. As I went through my pictures I almost felt myself reliving the memory made that the pictures were showing. It brought back so many thoughts and emotions to what was going on in my life at the time. And every picture had a story behind why I took it. Some of them are kind of lame reasons , some of them are great reasons like when I’m celebrating friendships or birthdays or summer.
But the ones I stare at the most in awe is the ones where I just remember how happy I was or in other pictures where I can look back and know that even though it didn’t seem like it at the time , that moment in time would be a milestone moment in years to come.
Some pictures actually made me even quite overwhelmed! As I may of mentioned before I was in a pretty sad , feeling sorry for my self kind of state when I was 14 and I had finally made new friends who some how got me out of that stupid black hole of sadness I had put myself in. So when I see the first picture that my former best friend and I took together or the first group picture with all of my friends, it brings back memories of feeling so warm and fuzzy inside. And what makes me really emotional is looking back on them now is because even though I didn’t know it at the time , that was the beginning of everything . I finally had a life . A life that I wanted to enjoy every second of.
Anyway without going to off tangent what my point really about is , pictures and other keepsakes that remind us of our past makes us realise how far I’ve come and who that makes me today and how proud I should be of myself just because of that Alone . And how that only makes me even more incredibly excited for what is to come and the memories I’ll create that I can look back on and feel all the emotions and remind myself of the petty ,hilarious or heart warming story that comes with each and every picture.
So Thanks insta your a doll!
I guess thats all the deep and pointless words your hearing from me today.
Catch later ala-gator!
some random 16 year old girl
Ps I’m really sorry I haven’t wrote in a while ( I’ve been really busy with choir)


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