Toxic friends: the selfish one

The thing is about selfish friends is,  they never  realise their selfish.

So you have two options really. Number one is to keep being Friends with them and realise most of the time they will disappoint you and expect nothing. But then making you feel bad when things don’t go their own way. or number two, you can slowly drift away from them. As you may or may not know , I have had my fair share of toxic friends and the selfish Friend is defiantly the easiest to spot.
You’ll know If you have a selfish friend if:
You pretty much help them out no matter what , but when you can’t help them out for any fair reason , they get mad.

They rarely do anything for you and when you do ask them do to something for you , they make a massive deal about it or make you feel guilty or make up excuses about  why they couldn’t do it.

They have very little understanding or patience for you when your in a crisis and they never wanna be told when there being a brat.

And when something doesn’t completely and utterly go their way and you had some sort of involvement , they make it seem like it’s your fault.

There also the type of friends that expect themselves to always be first choice , for example when you win tickets to go to a show or if you win money , even though you had other people in mind to share the experience with , they will show no attempt to understand this again making you feel incredibly guilty.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post I’m thinking about doing some sort of toxic friend series so if you have any suggestions and ideas please let me know! It deffonatley helped me get out some of my anger!
Signing off as some random 16 year old girl


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