My thoughts on love.

  1. Hey guys , if you’ve read my blog before and you know what sort of ocean deep content I have on it already , you probably would of guessed that at some point I would of wrote my opinion on this rather big matter, Plus I actually wrote this post about 8 months ago but it somehow didn’t go anywhere and it was really nice to see how everything I say In this still resinates with me today . So I hope you like it!
    I don’t ever truly believe you at peace, Until your in love
    Now let’s just Gloss over what being at peace means before we go into the big 143
    Being at peace in my opinion is not being angry at the world anymore
    It’s about finally loving yourself and appreciating the people around you
    And just genuinely being happy
    With no hidden agenda behind your facade of pretending to be
    Being at peace means you are at one with the world and to put it quite frankly you just don’t really give a crap about anyone else but you and what you love
    Now when I say ‘being in love’ I don’t necessarily mean a person. You could be in love with anyone or anything
    Love is strong enough to conquer any doubts, any insecurities.
    If done right
    And we’ll if there’s some stability to this love.
    Your pretty much in heaven!
    Your on cloud nine! You feel invincible!
    Nothing even ever so slightly touches the sides of you anymore
    That’s what being in love is
    To completely be at peace with the world and knowing everything is just going to be alright because of that something or someone.
    Just having the hope that love exists is ,honestly enough for me.

    reasonable thoughts to consider from some random 16 year old girl xx


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