Toxic friends: when a friendships over 

Today is a day I thought I’d never witness. I have been so relieved and happy to admit that I have lost a friend. And before you get worried of course I do not mean anything terrible has happened to them. What I mean is we’ve decided that were just better off not being friends at all.And one thing I can take from this , Is that I completely understand why long distance relationships of any kind can’t always work .

And it Because of one simple factor; you ether change together or you change apart .

Whilst your changing You’ll meet different people , you won’t understand each other as much as you used to and the hardest factor is it will hurt to be left out.

But there’s nothing you can do .

However I did feel with this particular friend is that things had been different for a while now , but I just don’t think we wanted to say anything because we had been such good friends for a very long time. And as most we think that it will work out and that person who you were friends with would ‘just go back to normal’ . But the truth is there isn’t a ‘normal’ when it comes to growing up . Your Changing everyday because your finding who you are and sometimes that means saying goodbye to the people who are holding you back. Or causing pain you don’t need anymore . It’s a very mature decision you have to make . And even a decision you have to make on your own without the other friends consent.

I’m going to end this on a high by saying if you’ve been through something like this or if you are now . There is such a thing as heart break when a friendship comes to an end and it’s just as hard as a romantic one. Never forget your not ending it because you hate each other , your doing it because you care . And most importantly,be happy that you both chose to experience finding out who you were together.

Thanks for listening as always

Some random 16 year old girl.


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