school is deep man

To all the crowded hallsTo all the Monday blues

To all the people that set of the fire alarm fuse 

To all the times we stood outside the lunch hall waiting to go in 

For all those times trying to convince our mums to ring in 

To all the people who made me laugh 

To all the people who made me cry

And all the people ibertween who made school worth the while

To all the early , dark frosty mornings to revisions sessions late at night

To all the smelly toilets and being told to sit up right

To all the coursework , to all the blood sweat and tears 

To all the exams and each and every passing heartache we had to go through in our teen years

To every inspiring  teacher and to every clown class fool 

I miss my uniform and I think deep down so do you

Because it wasn’t about the days you stressed and it wasn’t about the ways you convinced yourself you were a mess

Every teen is a hero weather you want to admit it or not and every single teen has been through a hell of a lot.

I may not of been smiling all the way through but I grew up with these bunch of idiots and I’ve had a blast doing it too.


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