Sadness is good , ya hear?

Sometimes being positive all the time doesn’t cut itIt pains me to be so energetic all the time it’s so exhausting 

I am naturally such an open hearted person but you just have to admit sometimes life’s a little b**** and there’s nothing you can do but ride it out

Today I have cried of sadness , relief and happiness all in the space of about 20 minutes

Letting yourself give into sadness helps you to be truely happy and the sooner people realise this 

Gone will be the days where people stare and say girls ‘are just doing it for attention’ or boys ‘are weak’ because there crying and standing in a public place. 

I think sometimes people need to turn black the clocks and remember all the times you felt like you needed love or a hug or for someone to tell you everything will be alright. 

I hate to think of the countless boys and girls who feel like they have to deal with sadness on their own and carry such an immense weight on their shoulders when they really didn’t need to. Relying on the media and songs to cheer them up , their hope becoming thinner and thinner and the anger and resentment festering inside them. 

In the words of Katy Perry ( weird reference soz)

‘After a hurricane comes a rainbow’

Let yourselves be sad

Some random 16 year old girl 


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