Why you should just be yourself 

Over the 16 years of my existence I have had many a comment about my faults as a human being (or in actual case what others thought was wrong) my accent being too posh ,my accent not being posh enough , being too dumb , being too educated on something , looking better with long hair , looking better with short hair. , my music Taste being too cringey , my music taste being too pretentious … Gawwwwddd…. It’s fair to say the list goes on.
As you can see from the list every ‘fualt’ was kinda really contradictory which confused me one hell of A lot .I used to just think with everyone that commented on the Aspects of myself that made me well ….myself 

And then I found the art of not caring about what other people think . I also learnt about …. Opinions . Yes the dreaded personal view of someone that isn’t you. different people have different opinions .everyone has been bought up differently and they like different things ( although this should NOT excuse people being rude or being offensive to you . You should deffo do something about that if this happens) 

But for the most part people don’t actually know there being rude as its their opinion and when so many opinions are floating about who can you really please? 
One of the best ways I can think is to put it like this: your never going to please everyone so you might as well just please yourself.
Lots of loves and hugs and things 

Some random 16 year old girl xx


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