Why you should keep working hard.

When you finally get to where you want to be , its hard for you to imagine being anywhere else after that. Maybe it makes more sense if I put it like this. Say right now your sitting in bed watching youtube videos on how to not get nervous for an audition. But you could never really believe that one day you could be auditioning for a real west end show or even how that would happen .

But when you get there after all that hard work  you get into the show. And after months and moths of being in the show its hard to see life any other way. Well although this example is a  bit extreme ( and, no unfortunately  this hasn’t happened yet)

But every now and again you get a glimpse and a reminder of what your doing is right and your reminded of how far you’ve come.

I had an audition earlier on in the week, But for some reason this was different from others . It meant so much to me and I swear to god when that music started playing it felt like I was back on my sofa watching lez miz for the first time and as soon as it finished  wiping away  my tears I started trying to sing ‘On my own’. Or the first time I discovered the song I was singing for the audition and just wanting  to try and nail the song the best that I could .  I wasn’t present day me any more. I was a long haired scared girl , apprehensive to follow what she loved doing because she thought shed never be good enough ,quietly singing to herself anywhere her family couldn’t  hear her.

Before  the drama clubs , before the singing lessons before  I was brave enough to even admit ‘hey ,this makes me feel happy ‘. It was just me singing a song I loved and wanted to pour my heart out to regardless of weather it was perfect or not . And its moments like this you realise your doing the right thing.

Keep working hard –




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