Late night story telling

Hello all!

Today’s  blog post is brought to you by  Microsoft  word as it’s finally decided to upload. There will be no purpose to this post other then I feel rather lonely and confused but in a way I can only explain is perfectly okay and normal . But as I am rather bored too I thought I’d get creative and write it as a story because I don’t think you’ve seen that yet.  So if you will let me I’ll take you on a journey in which I configure as to why today of all days I feel this abnormal numb feeling if you’ll have me . you ready? here we go:

23:11 her computer screen read. 23:11 was the time she was most alarmed to because  this was the time her day concluded. But also, a time where her reflections of the day took place. She took into account she was  moderately tired. But  was well aware of the fact she could not bring herself to try and fall asleep, after reflecting on events of the day. She knew the only way she could solve this was by slipping on a warm woolly cardigan over her pyjamas , completing the look of a single mum from a low budget Christmas film that’s only ever shown on those 24 hour Christmas channels.  And begun to type away to her little ‘ol puter’ and express how she was feeling and trying to figure out  exactly why that was.

She first took into account that this keyboard and the computer could take her to wherever she wanted to go and even with the million things she wanted to say that were flittering around in her head. She managed to pinpoint the one that was hurting her as soon as she closed her eyes. Loneliness. The reason being she felt this confusion is because she had no reason to feel lonely.  She had friends, family, she was safe. But sometimes she supposed that even with a room full of people you can still feel empty and perhaps this was a normal feeling that many a human go through. She nodded and acknowledged this, she accepted it and felt somewhat relived . However, she wanted more. She wanted more than  just to be understood but to understand loneliness as a feeling and why we have it. Her first thought was surprisingly  rather scientific:  “Maybe it’s a human craving to want attention and to feel a sense of belonging” but her second was the thought  that hit her harder. “The reason we feel upset when were misunderstood and not heard out for our own feelings and emotions is because  we feel trapped  as either  someone made us feel unwanted or we have  done it ourselves but it makes us feel sad because we know we deserve to be understood”. Ha-ha! The revelation of this answer sent her great joy, she loved piecing everything together and well … to understand.

This was just the start …

Let me know if you liked this, I enjoyed making this up on the spot.

Love oooo

some random 16 year old girl xoxox


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