Your only as old as you feel

It’s the first of May 2016 and it just hit me
I’ve got 23 days and then I’m not 16 anymore
I honestly felt emotional
I’m not gunna be sixteen forever and that’s kind of what my whole personas built around
But in some ways I already feel like I’m seventeen because everyday I feel more and more like me as an adult but at the same time I still feel 15 thinking about all the things I wanted to achieve when I was 16
I am not going to be 16 forever but at the same time I’m still so amazed by the fact I am still only 16
Because so much has happened in this time period between the beginning of summer and the middle of being at sixth form
At prom I felt sixteen living out my 15 year old dream
And now I feel 17 living out my 16 year old dream of wanting to be at sixth form
It’s crazy
It’s almost as if I’m in this weird purgatory desperate to be older so I can be free but never wanting to loose the innocence and wonder this age has bought me
I’m not always going to be 16 although I’ve felt like I’ve been it forever and I will never feel older even as time gets by and i become older and wiser


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