The voice of reason

Do you ever just think thank god for that one person who makes your problems make sense , that there’s light at the end of that problem.
For me it’s my sister
The thing I love is that today I just blurted out ‘God I am stressed’ and not a ounce of her face showed she was surprised or shocked.
I might as well get into depth as to what my problem was because otherwise this post wot make any sense so brace yourself because this is about as open and specific as I’m gunna get
I’m leaving my sixth form this year but a part of me feels guilty for not trying with the mocks at the end of the year because (I feel like an absolute looser saying this but) there is no point to me , so I spent the whole of today revising for my exam on Tuesday. Luckily I had a sister who went through the same thing but she stayed for two years the conversation calmed  me down a bit .But there was still something looming around in my mind.
So I again blurted it out “does not trying In these exams make me a bad person?” To be honest I only asked because out of everyone in our family her opinion is one I value the highest and as always she makes my problem sound like nothing “am I bad person?” She replied back rhetorically  ( back story she didn’t enjoy sixth form ethier and went to college like me)
And I couldn’t of asked for a better of reply.
And the rest I figured out myself , people all your life will convince you . You owe something to them but the people who really care never do. My family , the friends I choose will never make me feel bad for failing .
“The people that mind don’t matter and the people that matter don’t mind “- a cutie quote  from Dr Suess

Night night
Random 16 year old girl xoxox


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