Story Time 

I’ve quite liked the idea of this story and wrote it about a year ago and still kind of like the style of the narrative 

There will be spelling mistakes I am sorry , there will be A LOT of grammatical errors of that I am also sorry. 

No context here we go :

And just like that the silence had stopped 
And the current of over flow of worry was now streaming down the waterfall of a weird and now out of the ordinary feel of immense amounts of lust and well even love 
She realised that after all this time it wasn’t just her expectation keeping her away from people it’s because the expectation she had created in every perfect detail had been standing right infront of her this whole time stopping her from realising that she didn’t have to look anymore.
There before her stood the dorky , stupid , goofy , goody guy she always never knew she wanted
How cliche Clara thought and after all this time too, after all the years she felt wasted on looking for the wrong person and now it hit her like a big red double decker bus. How did it get from the point of being blind for so long to knowing it’s who she wanted marry
How did it all begin? Why did they meet? Clara froze in her tracks , her eyes rounded almost like her Aquamarine dropped eyes were glazing over with fear and excitement at the thought
Her new discovery had triggered something within her .she wanted to figure out just how she knew why and how much she loved Fred . 
A race of memories flashed around her mind.

But the one that stuck out the most was actually to most not really the most important memory to start at but the memory that always made her know her best friend was always there for her.
Clara pictured herself on a warm sunny day in her parents back garden sitting on the swing facing the opposite way of the house , the child house she lived in was actually quite lovely after all her parents were rather wealthy.

The house was grand and old and had great heritage to their town of larch wood not to mention the house was a great family legacy. 

It’s windows were mostly tinted and were stained glassed and the others that weren’t had beautiful burgundy shutters and flowers placed outside in rectangular flower pots contained different kids of carnations and roses

The entrance was large with a a cast iron gate that let people in for entry and surrounding it all was fields of green grass , natural flowers and trees streaming from ear to ear and after the cobbled driveway needed the green went on for miles.

too the far left of it all was the playground 

The playground Clara had so far spent her childhood in.

The slides and sings were a tiny bit rusted but her and her family could not bear to say good bye to it as it held to many memories 

And on her day of finding out she ha to move schools in the middle of a term in year 8 was a massive shock 

And the only place she felt right to sulk was in the rusty playground on the slightly lopsided swing set hat now was peeling off with its original pink colour and Turning into a mouldy green shade.

Clara could t believe her parents would do something like this to her 

Sell the beloved house they would miss so much just because they were running low on money

Make Clara have to leave school after she had just managed to make semi decent reliable friends

In this horrendous pre teen state the only solution Clara thought would be to sit and sulk

Because well really that’s all she had the power to do.

As she sat for hours and hours frowning and wishing this wasn’t happening her wavy brown hair blowing more and more as the summer air around her became thinner and colder 

But even through the irritating weather, still she stay determined to prove a point to Clara’s poor parents who had no choice in the matter either 

After hours of pointless protesting she heard footsteps of the cobbled pavement approach her 

When she turned Clara already had quite a good idea of who it could be

Judging by the wonky ness an un rhythmic pattern to the foot steps it was pretty obvious it was Fred. Clara’s child hood best friend

The guy she had known since she was pooping in her nappies.

‘Oh hey freddo’ she said and sighed sadly 

‘Well you seem happy’ Fred replied he’s tall awkward frame which almost looked like his arms were a lot longer than his torso towering over Clara’s petite and now slouched figure.

Fred had quite an odd shape to him during the unstable and rocky times of puberty. His blonde thick hair was jelled side ways and his clunky glasses took over most of his face for quite a few years after as he insisted to Clara they suited him and he could never wear contact lenses like the ‘cool kids’ at his school or what he actual called them ‘the insecure try hards’ Which was quite an interesting and intelligent view for a 14 year old.

Fred took the dodgy , rotting swing next to Clara in the smoothest way possible 

Which to be fair was pretty impossible when the stupid thing screeched every time someone sat in it 

‘It’s not all bad dude’

Fred said gently moving the swing and nudging Clara in the ribs with his elbow making the swing set let out a quiet , but noticeable screech.

‘Not all bad’ Clara said angrily back to Fred and although there wasn’t much movement to these words the look clara gave him, was enough to let frank assume ,Clara was deeply upset about the news that had been announced.

Fred lifted his hands up half apologetically and half jokingly in an attempt to lighten Clara’s fowl mood.this did not work. Being a bit less hopeful he then sighed and moved away , the sigh he let out was kind of deep and was in a low monotone , Fred had to put up with quite a lot of miss Clara’s little moods. But the good thing is that he knew exactly how to cheer her up.

‘Okay’ he said calmly 

There was no movement from Clara’s part , she just stare at the trees and flowers wishing she could just be any where but where she was at that moment.

‘So your moving , but your only moving 30 mins away which means your closer to my school’

Clara looked up in even more disgust 

Than the expression that she was just pulling on her face ‘Your school?!’ she laughed at the thought

Fred didn’t really know how to take Clara’s reaction , he sort of just waited for the insult . which was another thing he’d gotten used to doing.

‘Your school is public Fred! . How the hell am I going to fit in ,they probably will think I’m a stuck up snob’

Clara folded her arms in disbelief at the thought of being anywhere else but her newly founded school she had only just gotten used to. 

‘Well’ he laughed 

Clara shot her had up facing directly at frank ‘don’t even think about it frog’

Then Fred rolled his eyes ‘when are you gonna stop calling me freddo the frog’ 

Then Clara broke out into a mischievous smile ‘ I don’t know , as long as you let me I guess’ she said cheekily

And for the millionth time frank still stood his honorary role of being the only person to make Clara happy when she was sad. 

‘First time I’ve seen you smile today, you feeling okay’ Fred said whilst pressing the back of his hand on her cheek full of freckles and putting on a womanly voice with a lisp mimicking his own mother . As clara began to push the hand away Fred put his hand all over her face to continue to wind Clara up , eventually Clara had enough strength to pull franks arm away by her hand.

Clara yelled ‘stop’ whilst laughing and just like that Clara was happy again and as evening started to set in and what looked like the bottom of the sky looked an orangey , pinky colour and as the mood changed , with the help of Fred clara decided enough was enough and she had to suck up this change . The laughing and smiling was abruptly interrupted by Clara’s mother calling her in

the two looked at each other knowing what the next three words would be from one or the other friend.

‘Wanna sleep round?’ Clara said whilst she shrugged her shoulders casually 

‘Yeah sure’ Frank replied and off they walked together into the house to get crazily full on Doritos , Oreos and ice cream 

This was a fairly brief but usual conversation they seemed to have quite often and it always happened because conveniently Fred only lived next door

On number 16 on rise avenue , now although Fred’s family wasn’t as rich or wealthy 

the parents of the two shared a unique and unlikely bond 

Both couples being parents during frank an Clara’s childhood the families grew up together almost becoming a second family to one another .

Which would be fun and annoying at times for both children.

It would be annoying when both had decided they had too much playtime and the only thing they were doing was irritating each other and the fact their families knew everything about each other meant Clara and Fred knew everything about each other.

The strangest thing perhaps about Clara developing feelings for Fred was that for a long time Fred Had only ever felt like a brother to Clara.

And after that day things didn’t really change between them they kept on being close as the always had been.
Clara now had settled into her school dodging a few bullets of the occasional snob preppy girl stereo type she thought many would put her under.

And most importantly she was surviving . I mean I could use the term ‘enjoying’ but we all know that’s stretching the truth just a tad.

Thanks for reading 🙂 

If you want you could name it 


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