Enjoy life 

Peace is hard to find but when I get someFrom my worrying mind 

I turn to the black starry sky 

And I think for a while 

I see how the abundance of tiny shiny stars compliments the masses of darkness 

And i take in the cold air

Taking a deep breath in and a deep breath out 

And as I stare I’m overwhelmed by something greater than myself , bigger than my problems , my families problems bigger than the side eye a costumer gives me at work 

I realise the time I’m wasting and the time I continue to waste while I could be enjoying the earth 

Not the people 

the actual earth 

Looking up and not keeping my head down 

Feeling like there is something out there for me

And the opportunities are endless 

And only something greater than me will make me realise this 

That I am small 

And life is short 

That I am just a meer spec of dust on an ant 

And that time on Earth is limited 

The world can sometimes feel it does little for you 

But when you look up 

and you see the sky 

You realise it has done so much for you already

Enjoy life 

Your forever hopeful 17 year old xx


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