Goodbye sixth form

Nieve thoughts
and twisted words

Opportunities that were over looked

Leaving sure did us some good
Thinking that we’d grow up so fast When really no one changed that much

Too much freedom and to much space 

Put us all in a dark place

Lost from the loss of childhood 

We finally tasted the bitter 

to the sweet feeling that we possessed 

And with the  independence we lost our minds 

We forgot to talk we forgot to be kind 

So much dread and so much fear 

That was blinded by the anticipation 
We thought we knew what we wanted 

But we were told where to go 

It was a compromise that presented sacrifice 

That wasted a whole year

But still, there is a silver lighting 

After the hurricanes and the storms 

And the  harsh winter months in which I’d question how I could go on 

I saw sense 

I saw the light 

And it made me realise 

who I actually wanted to be

So I packed up my stuff

And bit my lip 

And held on for a few more months 

Untill the darkness disappeared 

Goodbye sixth form , you taught me a lot but mostly how much happiness I deserve and how I can’t do that here 

Your ever hopeful 17 year old xoxox


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