What matters more :) 

You won’t see it in the lift to college 

When I’m eating Dinner at home 

Or even when I’m listening to music on my own 

You won’t see it in the walk to work 

You won’t see it when i close my eyes 

You’ll see it in the way I smile 

You’ll see it in my opinions

You’ll see it in how I articulate a sentence  

 There’s things I still regret

There are things I still don’t like 

Some ,even now can keep me up at night 

But that doesn’t matter

That’s the negative of my life

What matters more is how

I am beginning to feel and laugh and cry 

What matters more is that I’m starting to feel a little bit more like myself 

Although some parts of me have been put on a shelf 

Replaced by an updated version in which I can operate better 

A place where I can feel more and I can taste things sweeter 

A version of me that is more aware and smarter 

Call it time or change or the fact I’m just working things out 

But what matters more is I’m liking the person I’m becoming 

And that’s enough for now

Everything is kinda okay at the mo guys 

Forever hopeful as always your one and only 17 teen year old 🙂 


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