The ‘real world’ doesn’t exist 

I just want to know I’m normal for one dayThat I could get some recognition from the people

That someday I’ll finally feel there is a time in which i get all my words out 

I know I’m not cool 

I get it 

To be cool takes wit and intelligence and confidence 

But it doesn’t make you a good person and it certainly doesn’t make you kind 

That’s all I’ve ever wanted I’ve never wanted to be cool 

I always wanted to do the right thing 

I don’t like intentionally hurting people I don’t like feeling guilt 

I don’t like people hurting me for no reason 

But how dare I get angry about it 

How dare I take off my mask 

How dare I , a mere plain girl tell someone they are wrong 

They are nothing but uneducated and out dated 

But How dare I be anything but sweet and ditsy and innocent 

I was taught from a very young age the cool position had already been filled 

But No matter , the nice girl still had a vacancy 

It didn’t matter how charming or funny or clever I really was 

Life is a game where who shouts the loudest wins 

It’s about being arrogant 

It’s about double standards and cheating your way to the top 

Life or shall I say the ‘real world’ has only taught me one thing 

That it is fake 

And that if you are good you are good and that if you are bad that’s not the ‘real world’ 

Your just bad 

And the kind people in this world don’t deserve to get a taste of the real world 

they deserve to be celebrated 

So while you sip on you ‘cool aid’ and keep trying to reassure yourself that your a decent person 

There are bigger minds out there representing the future 

And most of them are pretty freaking Dam uncool 


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