What home is now 

What is home now?

Home is not a walk to school 

It’s a walk and a train and a bus ride to college 

Home isn’t sitting down and being told what to write 

It’s never getting a chance to sit down because your constantly doing something

Home isn’t that horrible twinge of a feeling when your friends won’t be there waiting for you

Because somehow your new ones always make it on time 

Home is now spending the weekend away and missing the people you’ve only known for six weeks

Home is already having inside jokes 

Home is how welcomed you feel to a place 

Home is a feeling of not feeling

It’s effortless , like you’ve never been or are going to go anywhere else

It’s feeling like you’ve been somewhere forever 

It’s feeling like you know everyone and that deep down these people that know so little about you care about you 

Home is when people ask if your okay and they actually mean it like really mean it , like if you told them who hurt you they’d want to kill them 

Home is talking in the cafe about stupid to the deepest darkest things imaginable 

It’s about singing in the corridors

It’s about Pizza Hut Thursday’s 

It’s about laughing about how none of us have any upper body strength 

It’s about trying to figure out new ways to wear black because it’s all you can wear

It’s about trying to give each other weird nicknames and renaming French words in ballet until we remember what they are 

And most importantly 

It’s knowing there’s stability and reliability and feeling warm inside

And that feeling of complete and utter acceptance 

It’s fair to say I’ve felt more at home in the last six weeks than I did for one term at the 6 years I stayed in secondary school education  
Feeling for once my punch line: 

An ever hopeful 17 year old xoxo 


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