Good riddance summer hello winter 

Hi summer I’m very sorry to rub it in your face but I think winter might be topping you for well just about everything 

See we had a good run but you left me to feel a lot of uncertainty and numbness. 

And as we all know i hate not having structure.

Winter has brought me new happiness , new emotions ( or shall I say old) , new friends and thank goodness A ROUTINE

I know I sound like a saddo here but come on what would our life be if we didn’t have some kind of routine 

A routine is what makes you have a life! plans make you go out , lists make you get work done, time tables tell you when and where you need to be for things. If we didn’t have a routine my life would already be messier than it already is. 
Winter you have cleared and eased my mind more than you’ll ever know. I’m so glad I persevered myself from July to November because so much has changed and believe me when I say this, 

All for the better.

Sorry summer! 

(Ps sorry about weird tangent about organisation I JUST LOVE STRUCTURE)


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