My tiny light 

DISCLAIMER: I wrote this when I was in a very down mood , but I still think it’s relevant because there are people that feel like this all the time and I hope someone can read this and take comfort or think about their actions more carfully. Interupt it how you wish.

How long have I been surviving? 

How long will continue to survive?

It doesn’t matter who turns the light off 

I always manage to strive 

Not that I’ve wanted to 

Not that I even sometimes care

It’s just that the voice in the back of my head is always there

Saying no this

Or you’ll disappoint that

But what happens if I disappoint someone ?

What matters if for once I give my sadness up for happiness?

What happens then?

Do I just dive into a whole to never be seen again?

Run away from human existence  

Does the whole world stop if I say no?

Do I burn to smithereens for the lack of caring?

Do I keep on surviving?

That’s the real question.

Surviving , yes 

The living bit I’m not so sure on 

Because even if I turn the light on 

I have to have someone’s permissions first 

The lights not mine to have unless someone says it’s okay 

Otherwise my light is gone and I am haunted by nightmares 

I am surrounded with fear

I am punished with loneliness 

But there will come a time when that light feels nothing

That light will cease to exist

Or anger will burn 

Confusion will set in and the light

That tiny little light will burst

And what will be left?


Blame on those who didn’t listen 

Those who didn’t stop and think

Those who never chose kindness 

Those who saw the light crying to have a new chandelier but never 

I mean never thought it was there responsibility

My light is screaming help me 

And no one can see it 

My light is saying listen 

My light is saying give me more electricity 

I need more power it screams and cries 

But the little light is out of power

There is only so much electricity that can run a broken light before it is completely damaged

And no one will even care when it’s gone 

It did its job they will say

It did its best 

And then they move on 

Theses people just need to get through the day 

Neve truly seeing

Never learning

Never putting themselves In the lights shoes 

God forbid we think 

God forbid we feel 
There was a day when that light shined 

And it smiled and it laughed and it was happy  

and it made other people happy too

But when all someone does is take and take and take 

What becomes of the light?

The answer is ,it breaks.



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