To an old friend 

Does it ever haunt you What you used to do 

Or how you used to be 

Does it ever hurt you

The way you would treat me 
Does it ever drive you crazy 

That you never got under my skin 

Does it drive you mad

That you couldn’t win 
I’m not going to stand here I say I’m above you 

No , not at all 

But does it ever sting you 

That You didn’t change at all 
Do you ever feel like that’s enough 

That you should stop 

or maybe grow up 

Or are you just set in your Same old ways 

Not open to love or to let things stray?
I’m not gunna say I’m better than you 

I would just like to advise you 

That once you get out of your hole

That I do forgive you 
Someone out there understands 

And it’s a shame that was never me 

Buts that’s only because you would never let me in.
It always haunts me how nothing changed

It always hurts me how things stayed the same 

It drives me crazy how you don’t see the damage your still creating 

But what stings the most is the fact 

You never saw that you didn’t have to win 

 winning means nothing if your not actually winning 
it seems to me like you’ve mixed up a meaning , 

a good sportsman would shake the persons hand and move on with their lives 

determined for next time to be better and more importantly , with an open mind.
I forgive you , do you forgive me?
Hey guys! It’s so nice to actually feel like I have time to write on here , writting things like this I feel but posting it in a safe place (although no one reads this) just makes this so much more worth it 

Seeee ya real soooonn love your ever hopeful seventeen year old xoxo 


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