Toxic friends: the game player 


Most of this is about my feelings but it all resembles down to how this friend would sometimes treat me , it’s not really an advice kind of post it’s more a poem / story type thing , here we go:

The same exact reasons 

The same exact double standards 

It’s the kind of anger that actually pains you to explain 

Because how can you explain the unexplainable? 

The irritation that you can’t quite change 

You want to scream but you also don’t anyone to know how your feeling 

You feel like no one gets it 

No one feels it 

How could they?

 You don’t want anyone you care about to feel this horrendous , trapped , not being able to eacape feeling

And yet we still, we still wind each other up 

We claim things that our not ours but our everyone’s to enjoy 

But we talk about them like we own them 

We walk around like we are the only person that knows that thing exsists 

We push buttons in order to gain our own self righteousness 

And why do we play such games?

I wish I knew the answer , I really Do

Than at least I could finally understand myself , or this feeling 

To get rid of this surge that comes out of no where to run through my body like poison 

I’ll wait for the day I know how to solve this strange feeling 

The feeling of wanting to wind myself up, the feeling of people I thought were on my side to seem like they’re laughing at me , the feeling where my mind looks for problems

My head, is going to explode!

your wind ups, your games will be the end of me 

And who cleans that up? 

Owning a piece of art doesn’t seem that important anymore 

Does it.
Thank you for reading , this blog is literally the only thing that keeps me sane

Your ever hopeful seventeen year old xoxo 


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