Hopeless wishing , or a hopeless romanctic?

Bouts of butterflies and flowers form a pretty haze 
I lay down closing my eyes and enter a world where you hold my gaze

You smile at me like you mean it 

Like my company is irreplaceable 

You laugh with me and your dimples rise

The sight is inconceivable

My hope replaced with convincing 

My doubt replaced with believing 

 That somewhere , somehow you find me a bit interesting 

My stomach swells

My heart races

My temperature rises 

As the panic sets in 

You are all I want

In this moment in time 

You are all that I want so much 

And I can’t explain why 

Curses on the nice butterflies 

Curses on the talented haze 

Curses on the flowers who tell me to stay 

I’ll keep waiting around 

For no reason at all 

I’ll stay up on my branch that’s 1000 feet tall 

hoping and praying to god that I don’t bloody fall. 


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