Little dramatic story 

“Don’t do that” , she demanded “What?” , angrily he questioned

“Look at me”. He laughed in disbelief 

“I can’t look at you?” ,

“Yes , don’t look at me”. She looked up at him meaning what she just said 

She crossed her arms and faced away from him and continued 

“Don’t look at me like you want me here , like I’m the only person you what to be with , like for once in my life…” 

she stopped she didnt want him to know what she had felt for all these years, so she stopped

“What?”  he questioned again , this time more impatiently 

“Forget it” brushing off his comment like she didn’t care about her own words

She started to walk away when 

An arm pulled her 

“No , not again” 

Both hands now on her shoulders

“For once in your life you feel what?” 

She was silent , she looked at him her big eyes glazing over and her eyebrows dropped, her lip trembling 

“Invisible!” she exclamaimed 

“For once in my life I don’t feel invisible!” 

He let go off her , half shocked at what she said half knowing that she was breaking down 

“You don’t know what I’ve had to deal with , how much fucking energy I put in to talking to people to be noticed , everyone’s interested for a split second and then no one wants to know me”. “You try being that person” , she pointed at him angrily , her eyes streaming with tears 

He said nothing 

“The person that goes to every single fucking party , gets dressed up , makes conversation with every single person just to be shut down , Just waiting for somebody to ask me how I am” 

He tried to talk but..

“Oh and it doesn’t stop there , of course not” , she scoffed to herself “and time after time you convince yourself , you know one day , one day someone will want to get to know me , someone will get me , being invisible is just something I feel right?” 

He said nothing again, he was waiting

 “And then low and behold the big moment happens when you actually realise there is no chance in hell anoyones going to want to talk to you , or ask how your doing or be known as anything other than a girl that we there”

“And parities well”  

She laughed “there just the big slap in the face for how invisible I actually am” 

She paused and looked up at him ” I thought this would be different , I thought this time round I’d just come to terms with who I was , well what everyone else told me I was ,” she laughed to herself again 

“But then you are with your looking and asking me if I’m alright and actually wanting to dance with me and holding my gaze for more than two secounds”. The look she now was showing was light and although still crying in some way he. Could see that she cared about him too 

She closed her eyes as she pushed back her hair 

And sighed “I don’t know , I’m not , im not mad at you I’m just surpose …. I never used to be the girl who pushed people away but I guess I am , I guess I really don’t love myself that much”. 

She looked toward him 

His face was not shocked , he was smiling actually , he seemed happy

“What?” She asked defensively 

He began to laugh

“What?” She demanded worried she’d made a fool of herself  

“You’re such an idiot”

She frowned and then she began to smile 

She was an idiot , why had she let this label tie her down why was she letting it get in her way of letting him in  

    He came close to Her and wiped away her tears “do you really think if I thought you were invisible , I’d even see you at all?”

She looked up , suprised 

“I’ve liked you …. since the day we met , I just didn’t… know it. 

She smiled at him, a genuine smile 


“But in all fairness though can we get out of here?” he said jokingly , she laughed in agreement 

They walked home together him apart of something , her not invisible 


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