Growing into your beauty

I looked in the mirror today and I felt okayI saw my puffy fringe and my pale skin

I saw my eyebrows that could’ve of done with a pluck 

But nevertheless a smile was out on my face and it stuck 

As I looked at my greenish brownish eyes 

I reminisced on older times 

Times where I was not so fully grown 

A time where I hid all the beauty I owned 

I looked back on my silly short shaved eyebrows

And the big gap in my front teeth 

I looked back on my baby fat 

And how I never seemed to see 

That there was a girl under there 

And she was goofy and funny and smart 

And above all she had a big heart 

There was a time 

She cut her hair short once when she was very upset 

She dyed her hair once when she was scared she wouldn’t fit in 

She covered up her freckles , her wavy hair and her moles 

Smothering herself every last layer with foundation 

But underneath there was a girl who smiled about nothing 

Who sang musicals in her room when no one was watching 

Who dreamed , and tried and continued fighting

I looked in the mirror today

And I felt okay 

I saw the past and it’s people who shaped who I am 

I saw my beautiful sisters 

I saw my mum 

I saw my idols 

I saw my best friend 

I saw the people in me that I was going to become

If there’s one thing I’ve learned above all , and I don’t mean to sound snooty 

Sometimes you have to grow into your beauty 

Today was also a day  

I looked back on my pain and my hardship 

And I feared I that was going no where 

But when you look back , it’s only then when you realise how much your changing 
I read a quote lady gaga had reposted and it said “I like the person I’ve become because I fought to become her” and that is exactly how I feel. Regardless of what happens or what I look like me living ,alone is a sign that I must be getting somewhere and the change in my appearance is just one piece of evidence

Your ever hopeful 17 teen year old xoxo


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