Yes the future is uncertain, yes I still love to sing 

I don’t really believe in the whole world telling me something is a sign. But I guess sometimes chance does help you to see things. In this case it’s making me not do something. I have made a slight ( I think ) strain in my voice. I tried to move on I even sang a little but it ceased to get better. It actually got worse and created eve more worrying. I don’t know whether my body is just telling me to stop singing for a couple of days but that’s what I intend to do. Its what feels right to do. As i can’t and well gotta be honest don’t want to do anything in the next few days I’m kind of looking forward to it . I want to have a movie day , I want to get re inspired by musicals. What I hadn’t noticed is that ever since I started singing with this new technique I’ve felt really down about my voice , which is totally natural don’t get me wrong it was a part of my voice that needed changing but it was and still is a hard process it really made we worry and rethink about my drive for my dreams. Luckily enough what it proved was , my drives still there but the bad news is it has made me go insane , it has made me cry rivers , it’s made me put more important things behind such as more upcoming assessments in which I cannot practices now that I’m preventing myself from talking. For once in my life I can honestly say I feel kind of free not having to sing , I also feel kind of good that I’ve got a good excuse so I can give my ‘your not trying hard enough’ line to rest for a day. A day I think me and my voice need. Let’s just hope I can stick to it.


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