It’s over 

It’s over What are we holding onto?

It’s over 

I was always there for you 

It’s over

The toxic waste is piling up

It’s over 

You treat me like a bitch maybe I should act like one 
It’s over 

Your double standards have got the best of you 

It’s over 

Your selfish ways have made me cut you loose  

 It’s over 

You think I’ve forgotten all the shit you put me through
It’s over 

Your games have got the best of me 

It’s over 

You really should of thought twice before you snapped at me 
Don’t call me ( like you ever did)

Don’t text me ( like you ever did ) 

It’s so over and you can’t reverse it 

There was Never one apology , there was never any sign of remorse 

It’s over

 I’m allowed to be bitter

 And I don’t care if you hurt.
It’s over

 I don’t want to take the moral high ground

It’s over 

I got bored of waiting around

It’s over 

And I’d like to say I still care 

But it’s over 

You’ve lost me forever
This felt so good to write , that’s all I have to say 

Your ever hopeful Seventeen year old xoxo 


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