Poison A substance that is capable of creating illness or death. 

A physical pain that can affect the mind. 

In social terms we speak of the bad relationships we share with others and how this may seem toxic or how it damages our minds 

Although I can only relate from my own personal ways , I can definitely describe poison 

It rushes through you at first. It feels like it’s burning every last piece of you. Your just filled with this unexplainable confusion and furry. Your a volcano ready to erupt and what makes it worse is that you never explode , your just always waiting for the right moment to. But the right moment never comes , so the fire builds and builds and your just waiting until you’ve forgotten every last piece of what made you human without them.

Without them using you , or deciding when you were good enough, or lying to you , or manipulating you. 

When you make the final decision on for that person to leave your life you’ll have no idea who you are anymore , the person that used up all your time has gone and yet you still don’t feel free . You can’t see what the next step is . Your completely drained. You don’t know who you are. When you were waiting you didn’t realise on how much you’d missed out on. You wanted for the poison to turn good, only to realise that poison can never be good.

Poison is set out to hurt you , 

That , is its purpose 

Some poisons can disguise themselves better than others so it’s hard to tell whether there good or bad for you. 

So it’s hard to blame someone because they didn’t know what they were getting into when they drunk the bottle because they only read the label. 

Nevertheless there is no looking back now , there is no thinking what if, no more shall you feel suffocated by the poison 

You will breathe again 

You will run again 

You will be safe again 

No matter how long the poison stayed with you 

Some how you’ll move on 

You’ll be thankful you saved your own life 

You’ll be thankful your alive and healthy 

And you’ll bask in the sun once more , I promise you 


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