Wrong place wrong time 

Do you know what I thought would always upset me but has never actually phased me , being single. The only times I can ever remember getting upset is when someone didn’t like me back. But I don’t always have this constant urge to need someone. Which is a good thing I guess. I read an article the other day about the only way we can be with the right person is by owning and accepting the fact that we could be by ourselves for the foreseeable future. And it’s right. The amount of times when I’m not looking for anything , when I’m finally committed and happy and content with life only then , someone decides to swing by and mess it all up again. To other people this may sound sweet but to me it’s annoying. As a person ( without sounding too sorry for myself) who isn’t content with her life let’s say perhaps a couple of times a month or whatever. I find it extremely frustrating that once I finally get that peace of mind, the universe wants to take it away from me for being involved in someone else’s life. After not even a day or two after my recent blog post of me explaining my forcefulness with love and how i just want to be with myself for a little longer . I felt like any boy I near enough said hello to was interested. Which is just bloody typical isn’t it. My relationship is basically Nanny Mcfee’s motto, (you can look that one up I’m sure near enough everyone knows it). Anyway I bet you if tomorrow I went outside looking for a boyfriend there would be no boyfriend to be had. But on the week I don’t even near enough have time for myself two men will ask for my number. I don’t know if anyone feels the same . And I’m not complaining about men being interested or in fact that involve myself with them but when it comes to my love life it’s always just seems like wrong place wrong time and honestly I’ve never known it to be any different. Maybe that’s just not my big story. No doubt I’ll eventually date people but perhaps it’s not my headline , the big story I tell to the grandchildren you know?maybe my careers the big thing and everything else just falls in place behind it.Well at least that’s what I hope
Ever hopeful seventeen year old xoxo 


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