An ending to a birthday 

And as the rain got heavier and the wind grew colder and the public were pulling up their tents and umbrellas , she and her family laughed at the bad luck. She turned to her friend to be greeted with a light hearted joke. “happy birthday Sam!” and in that moment even though this sentence was said with complete irony , it felt real . So real that after this encounter she turned back round to herself and muttered whilst drinking her tea “happy birthday Sam” for the first time really believing it . After everything it was the realest birthday she’d ever had. The music started to play and the screen rose and she actually , even though the feeling was just a spark , a shot in the dark, a flicker of light in a grey tunnel she actually began to feel something again.And she thought to herself in her content ways that perhaps actually this , in all it’s entirety, in all of its unfortunate ways and awful weather and whiney friends that it could all be, just enough.

This is possibly the shortest thing I’ve ever wrote but I’m thinking about doing a short story leading up to this ending.

Ever hopeful 17 year old xoxo


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