I think I wrote a monologue

Okay , this was orginally meant to be a story but i liked the way the character introduces the story so much that  i actually think the opening could be a monolgue , so yeah here it is:


Do you ever find it a little cruel that the last words you’ll ever say to someone will determine the end of a relationship and how it creates such a dull and unenthusiastic ending to whatever you had going on with that person? In those last few moments you almost forget all the work you’ve put into that relationship. all that you have learnt, all that you have become because of them, everything they did that made you laugh all of your wonderful memories, evaporated at the simplest “okay” or “I think we should see other people” or the very blunt “goodbye”. Just one word, one word can end all of that. What’s even more sinister is saying nothing. Imagine that! All those years and all you get is a read and didn’t reply. The last relationship I had all I said was “that’s fine” I’d known the guy for five years! And all I say to him is “oh sure I mean you cheated and you’ve met someone else but it’s fine Jeremy do what you want it’s not like I don’t have a life” and now what have I got to look forward too? A couple of awkward chance encounters where we bump into each other at the bar or in the drug store? The ending to a relationship is so anti climactic, it’s full of a downward spiral and you never know if you’re going to make it out again.

The thing is, that one word or turn of phrase and all of the wonderful memories don’t hit you until you’ve walked home or put away your phone. You only start to feel the effects of the moment after the encounter. Words mean nothing, particularly in this case. Words are just things that get things going to make you feel something later on. Just like memories. In the moment, they don’t mean an awful lot to you; it takes you a while to appreciate what’s just happened.

But hey, what can we do?! We can’t just sit around and mope all day can we? And we certainly can’t bear to live alone. And that’s why we have theses screens, Projectorettes we call them. Not only can we walk past strangers on the street and know everything about them, we can even suss out criminal records, their commitment to monogamy (my personal favourite) and of course if our babies will be attractive. Seems pretty good right? Projectorettes are pretty much my life savours. If they hadn’t of existed I would have had to what women do in the Stone Age and just adopt a dozen cats.

And now I know what you’re thinking “Grace ,where’s the spontaneous aspect to romance , you know the meeting a stranger and just happening to get to know each other the real way?” . But that my friend is where you wrong, see with Projetorettes we can see everything we need to see so why waste time going with your opposite when you can meet someone the exact same as you! Right?


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