Send in the sun

If your going to leave me to cry do it in the sun

 The summer breeze will calm me  

If your going to let me down do it in the sunshine 

The green grass will remind me 

there’s more to life than being disappointed 

If your going to anger me do it with a blue sky 

I’ll look up at it and remember how the world spins with or without me 

If I’m going to work myself up 

Remind me to do it in the heat 

The levels will distract me from what I’m actually feeling 

I’ll sit here on this bench and sob 

It’s true

I won’t be a pretty sight but there will be a nice view 

You can look at the flowers and the puffy clouds and you forget that life is bad 

There may just be a girl on a bench crying at life knocking her down 

But look at how her pretty drink reflects the light from the sun

And how her hair looks lighter

And her skin clearer 

Look at how the weather gives her hope for the future 

How the aeroplanes remind her that people are going places and one day so will she 

How her rabbit sleeps in his pen so peacefully 

How the gate creaks and she laughs at it tragically as she knows it will never be fixed 

Or how the buzzing of Bess remind her how annoying people will always exist 

But that she can deal with it 

That she can deal with it all 

Even if once a month she has to let some tears fall 

The sun won’t always be here 

But if you have any grace 

Send the sunny weather 

When she doesn’t know what to face 


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