The moments that make you 

You may be sitting in a room right now

wondering if this moment adds up to anything
If it’s suppose to happen
If it’s part of some bigger plan

A couple weeks later you’ll look back and the moment will be near enough fresh in your mind , although now it’s probably a little twisted. Maybe you get a line wrong of what someone said or you finally realise what they meant.

You look back on the moment a few months later and you start to puzzle it together , trying to make sense of it. Maybe now you understand it had to of happened other wise that other thing couldn’t of.

Then it’s a year later. You reference it like you always saw it coming. It’s a conversation filler. Even if you were completely low you decide  on it as something worth feeling.

It might of been horrific or incredible but somehow it’s now slotted permanently into your mind. Holding its own relevance.

In every uneasy moment

Even if you don’t feel alright now

You’ll look back in a year , two years , maybe it will take you five to piece it all together

somehow you’ll tell a story of these moments

like they are so matter of a fact or carved in stone.

You say to yourself these moments matter.

That genuine smile you have when you see the two people you love work together

That video you have of all of your friends just messing in between lessons

Those singing videos you swore you’d put somewhere someday

The absolutely unexpected , lovely evening out you said yes to on a whim

Your first real hit of emotional pain, that hits you so hard your stomach feels paralysed.

When you take the bus home on your own and you feel a little let down

When you hit the note you never expected to hit when you were singing in the bathroom

that moment when you decide to let the good in
The real good , the kind of good that makes you cry with happiness , the kind of good that makes you want to get through the day

Some moments you just know will be big but all it takes is one moment , and it’s the story for the puzzle.

It will all make sense soon.

Some random 18 year old girl x


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